Stevenson hits back

MEMBER of the European Parliament, Struan Stevenson, has defended his speech on windfarm developments made in Ballantrae last week after it was raised at the Scottish Parliament and reported in the national press last week.

SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, Sandra White, raised a motion in the Holyrood chamber last week calling on the Parliament to “express deep concern at what it considers to be Struan Stevenson’s MEP’s outrageously insensitive comments in Ballantrae,” where Mr Stevenson had described windfarm development as the “Renewable Rape of Scotland”.

Speaking following the circulation of a Scottish Parliamentary motion by Sandra White, Mr Stevenson MEP said: “I was hugely surprised that the content of this speech has been leapt upon in this deliberately misleading way. It was clear to anyone who attended the meeting and heard my speech on ‘The Renewable Rape of Scotland’ that I was referring to the rampant desecration of the Scottish landscape by wind turbines. Perhaps if Ms White had listened to the speech she would have heard me clearly explain that I chose the word ‘rape’ based on its definition in the Chamber’s Dictionary as meaning violation, despoiling or abuse of a country.”

Mrs White also asked that the Scottish Parliament, “considers this use of language to be unacceptable and deeply insulting to all who have been sexually assaulted, and calls on all decent minded people to disassociate themselves from what it views as his disgraceful remarks”.

However, Mr Stevenson hit back saying parliament should stop wasting their time on political correctness and concentrate on the impact developments have on the Scottish landscape.

He added: “Clearly nobody at the meeting was in any doubt over the meaning or intent of my remarks. The only people who should feel insulted by them are those responsible for despoiling our unique landscape and environment with vast, unsightly and inefficient wind farms.

“Perhaps in future Ms White could engage with this serious debate more constructively, rather than trying to bog it down with absurd and irrelevant political correctness.”