Store withdraws alcohol deal

A Girvan store will now be selling ciders and wines with a higher alcohol content after a voluntary agreement with the council was withdrawn.

The Premier Your Store in the town’s Glendoune Street had its application granted at the meeting of South Ayrshire Council’s licensing board on Thursday 31 October.

A decision was undertaken in May 2011 that the applicant, Mr Ian Mitchell, would not sell certain products when he applied for a provisional licence.

Representing the store at the licensing board meeting, Mr Mitchell outlined his credentials as an experienced and responsible licencee as he attempted to ease the board’s fears.

Mr Mitchell said: “We operate challenge 25 and we have done so since we opened the store and indeed before the official policy came in.

“We like to think we offer good customer service and if a customer comes in and asks for a certain product and I don’t have it then they will go to a different store.”

Councillor Ann Galbraith asked Mr Mitchell if this change in policy would have any effect on the profits Mr Mitchell would earn in the store.

“Selling these would have some effect on profits, yes.”

Licensing standards officer Catrina Andrew commented: “There’s a particular cider that’s a 7.5 per cent strength and I think there is one at the recommended maximum alcohol intake level which is available at a similar price.”

And there were concerns raised by councillors sitting on the licensing board.

Councillor Andy Campbell said: “It’s a little concerning that this is open to us to make a decision on whether or not you get a license.”

Depute Provost Mary Kilpatrick expressed: “I find this quite scary.”

And upon granting the application chair Ann Galbraith said: “I’m very disappointed that you have come here today and asked for this to be granted to you.”

The undertaking was withdrawn after there were no grounds to uphold it.