Strong backing for new Girvan pool plans

An artist's impression of the pool design.
An artist's impression of the pool design.
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The proposals for a new leisure centre for Girvan and South Carrick have received strong backing from key players in the process.

Despite the proposals now costing £5m instead of the ambitious £8m plans announced last year, those at the heart of the plans insist this is more affordable and realistic.

South Carrick Community Leisure board chairman Andrew Sinclair said: “This design and business plan gives us something very realistic for the town and – crucially – something that is achievable, particularly in relation to the level of community fundraising likely to be required.

“Previous designs – although they looked good – just didn’t add up financially. We need to get it right at this stage and create a project that gives us the facilities we want, but that is also affordable and deliverable for the people of Girvan.

“This design and business plan does exactly that and, vitally, provides for a clear timeline – subject to everything working out as expected – that will see our kids swimming in a brand new pool in 2016.

“That’s what we need, that’s what we want and that’s what this plan will deliver.

“Now we will be finalising the business plans and design before moving for planning permission.

“We are currently in the process of funding applications with four funders and we will approach Carrick Futures formally.

“These plans are much more realistic in terms of both time and costs.

“Although I am disappointed we couldn’t end up affording the £8m plans, it is time for everyone to work together and drive this forward.

“I am so keen for this to be done and dusted and I hope that the community will back and support us.”

Girvan and South Carrick councillor Alec Clark has also welcomed the revised plans.

“I stood on the basis of getting a new leisure facility for Girvan and South Carrick and I must stress the South Carrick part as this is going to benefit the whole area.

“This has now moved in the right direction as there was a danger of this design not being sustainable.

“I believe the chair of SCCL has acted in a responsible manner in order to make sure this project comes down to the right level.

“There is now a definitive timescale for all this to happen and we are all now on the verge of achieving a dream.

“It is my job along with others to push for it and it is great that Bill McIntosh, John McDowall, myself and Alec Oattes are behind it.

“There is no reason why the £4m ringfenced by the council shouldn’t be recognised.

“An £8m building is fine if it is sustainable but this proposal gives us a much better chance.”

Council leader Bill McIntosh, who sits on the sub group with Girvan and South Carrick councillor John McDowall, said: “It’s vital we get this project off the ground sooner rather than later for the people of Girvan and South Carrick – the revised costings and design allow us to do that, while delivering the amenities and services our communities deserve.

“During the recent consultation, the message that came across loud and clear was that local people are tired of waiting and want this facility now. What has been agreed offers an impressive facility that makes the entire project more affordable. This means we can turn it into a reality that much sooner – and that’s what matters to the people and communities of Girvan and South Carrick.”