Survey call to Carrick hearing aid users

A campaigning charity is making a final call for Carrick residents who use NHS hearing aids to share their experiences of audiology and hearing support services.

Sunday 14 February is the deadline for people to respond to Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s questionnaire about the types of information and support they have received from NHS audiology and charity-run aftercare services.

Carrick residents who use NHS audiology services can complete the survey online at or call telephone: 0141 341 5330 or email: to request a paper version.

Delia Henry, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “We’re delighted that more than 500 people across Scotland have taken the survey but we want to ensure that the views from more NHS hearing aid users in Carrick are taken in to account. If you are a NHS audiology patient, please take this last opportunity to tell us about what aspects of services are working well for you and where there is room for improvement.”