Take hell out of homework

A large number of people with dyslexia do not know they have it. It affects more than 10% of the population and is not always picked up at school, resulting for many in low achievement for life.

For those who know they have dyslexia, especially young people at school, schoolwork and homework can be a real struggle. Dyslexia Ayrshire believes it needn’t be, and is holding a public meeting on Wednesday June 8 designed to give parents, teachers and young people with dyslexia the skills to make a success of it.

The speaker is Neil MacKay, who originated the now well-known concept of ‘Dyslexia-Friendly Schools’, and who has recently written a book called “Taking the Hell out of Homework!”

Neil was previously a Senior Teacher/Special Educational Needs in a large secondary school, and is now an independent consultant and trainer. He delivered dyslexia training in Ayr in 2010 as part of a continuing commitment towards ‘dyslexia-friendly schools’ locally.

A spokesman said: “We are privileged to have him address Dyslexia Ayrshire because he is in International demand. The presentation will be very practical with room for questions and will bring solutions to all the common problems that arise within education for any young person with an additional support need.”

The venue is the MacDonald Education Centre in The Ayr Hospital at 7:30pm to 9:30pm. An application form can be downloaded from www.dyslexia-ayrshire.org or phone Dyslexia Ayrshire on 01292 590789.