Team Girvan Primary turn tycoon

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YOU’VE heard of Team GB, well this is Team GP - or Team Girvan Primary.

The boys and girls in P5(3) have been learning about a company called Wild Hearts, who sell office supplies and then give all their profits to charity.

Wild Hearts give personal loans to individuals in developing countries allowing people to help themselves out of poverty.

They do this by loaning participating companies, universities and schools just £1 and challenging them to raise as much money as they can in one month.

They call the challenge Micro-Tyco, short for Micro Tycoon, and it begins November 1 through to November 30.

Wild Hearts has been running very successfully for 10 years now and in that time they have had 95 per cent of their personal loans repaid in full.

P5(3) will be planning various activities during the month of November and will also loan £1 to some local businesses and hope they will take the Micro-Tyco challenge.

So watch this space and wish P5(3) best of luck with their challenge in November.

To learn more about Micro-Tyco visit