Tensions mount on eve of Scottish independence vote

The rock at Kennedy's Pass where the Yes sign has been painted.
The rock at Kennedy's Pass where the Yes sign has been painted.

Passions have run high in the Carrick area this week on the eve of the historic referendum on Scottish independence.

Many were appalled that a “Yes” sign had been painted on a rock next to the historic Kennedy’s Pass on the A77 between Girvan and Ballantrae.

The sign has been painted on a rock which has always had “Christ Died for Me” painted on it leading to accusations of vandalism from angry locals towards the Yes campaign.

A heated debate over the painted slogan also ensued on the “Yes Ballantrae Colmonell” Facebook page after the picture was passed onto the page administrator.

Whilst the administrator of the Facebook page stresses that they have nothing to do with the slogan at Kennedy’s Pass, they did mount a defence of whoever painted the slogan saying: “There has been a message on that rock for as long as I can remember so I don’t think it can be classed as vandalism.”

And as voters prepare to go to the polls tomorrow (18th September), the Gazette also learned that an elderly lady’s “Yes” signs in the main street in Ballantrae were destroyed.

The signs were said to have been situated in the lady’s front garden before they were destroyed.

It is believed that she has put up a smaller sign now.

Current polls show that the independence vote is too close to call and it is thought that might be fuelling certain ugly incidents across Scotland which have slightly marred the campaign which overall has been conducted well.