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Turnberry buyout is good news

The announcement that the Trump Organisation has acquired the Turnberry Resort is good news for the resort, good news for the local economy, and a boost for South Ayrshire and beyond.

On hearing the news, I wrote to Donald Trump to congratulate him on the purchase of the iconic resort and to welcome the fact that it will now become a Trump facility.

I have offered to meet with Mr Trump to discuss his plans for the resort, and I look forward to doing so.

The Turnberry Resort is a major player in our local economy, bringing visitors and golfers from around the world to this special place in South Ayrshire.

Its future success is so important, and almost without exception the reaction to the change of ownership has been very positive. Sadly, the one exception I have come across to date has been local MSP Adam Ingram, who is quoted in the local and national press as saying, “I’m not exactly thrilled at the prospect of this given his performance elsewhere in Scotland”. Not quite the “Welcome to Turnberry” that the Trump Organisation might have expected from a local MSP. Let me say now that, unlike Adam Ingram, I am thrilled at this development.

I fully expect that there will be challenges ahead, but if we all work together we can help the new owners to take Turnberry onwards and upwards.

Bring it on.

Cllr Bill McIntosh

Leader, South Ayrshire Council


Ground Tactics

A word to Alec Oattes. Next time you decide to campaign in Girvan please choose your location more wisely and give a little respect to the general public.

I missed my bus because you and your supporters had set up right on the bus stop.

I waved the bus down but when it stopped, I couldn’t get through your crowd so the driver went without me.

Too bad that none of you had the good grace to step aside to allow passengers on and off.

And too bad that I had to walk a long way home.

These gaffes don’t do your party any favours.

Disgruntled Pensioner



Opening day

My name is Tricia Watts and I am on the Girvan Town House management team.

The council has recently renovated the Girvan Town House by the harbour to a high standard and we are setting up an Information Centre in one of the front rooms.

You will all appreciate that this is a great opportunity to promote your activity or business and the Town Team are asking all businesses, tourism business providers, charities, clubs and organisations if they could kindly drop in a bundle of brochures to the town team so they can be displayed and made available to both our local residents and visitors to the town.

If you have any information on activities or any event that you are holding, we would be happy to display this as well.

We hope to open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from the first week in June. We feel there is so much happening in Girvan that the people do not hear about and we have an ideal facility within the Town House to display this information.

I hope that you will support us, so we can support you. We are also looking for volunteers to help in the visitor centre on the above days from 10am to 1pm and 1pm to 4pm.

Our Official opening is Saturday 31st May at 11am. Thank you so very much. Please contact me on (01465)712032 or email

Tricia Watts

Girvan Town House


Turn to us

Whilst it is promising that employment levels are on the rise in the UK, we know that the reality behind the figures is not all good news, as highlighted in the Resolution Foundation’s new report.

With self-employment fuelling much of the growth in job figures, many of those who have become self-employed in the last five years have done so through lack of alternative options. On average, those working for themselves are earning 40% less than a typical employee.

Along with the recent rise in zero hour contracts which offer no guaranteed minimum hours or pay, the job market is looking increasingly unstable, threatening the financial security of working families.

As a charity supporting people in financial need, we hear from thousands of people every day – many of whom are in work, but struggling to make ends meet. Almost three-fifths (57%) of households in some form of employment told us their financial situation has worsened in the last year and shockingly, nearly two out of five (39%) say their outgoings now outweigh their earnings.

It is clear that the impact of economic improvements has yet to reach these families and more needs to be done to prevent more people slipping into poverty.

We are working to help greater numbers of people in work, who are often less aware of potential entitlements, to access financial support.

Alison Taylor

Director, Turn2us