The future of ALVN currently in limbo

The future of the committee in charge of running the Ayrshire Litter Volunteer Network is to be decided at the groups next meeting Tuesday October 13

A new committee group is required for ALVN after Chairman David Pugh and Treasurer Pat Lappin are stepping down along with the vice chair and secretary.

David Pugh said that they have struggled to get together a team because there are a lot of responsibilities to divide up.

He said: “Currently we have four volunteers come forward from North Ayrshire and three from East Ayrshire.”

This means as things stand there will be no representation from South Ayrshire.

The group are looking at the workload of each role and dividing it up between the group to make it manageable.

A decision will have to be made at the groups meeting or the retiring committee will be forced to disband the organisation.