There’s something stirring in Girvan

THERE’S something happening in Girvan - that was the message from local businesses which aim to get together to resurrect the town’s business association.

The campaign has been kicked-off by Gillian Black, owner of the Shimmer shop in Dalrymple Street, and Anne Campbell who runs Yes, a fashion boutique in the town.

Gillian has already taken the idea to Girvan Community Council which has given its full backing, and now the campaign is reaching out to all business owners in the town with an open letter to business owners in Girvan in this week’s Carrick Gazette.

Ideas already include brightening up Dalrymple Street and a publicity campaign to let potential visitors know about the attractions in Girvan, which include lots of small, independent shops, free car parking and the town’s historic, seafront location.

Gillian Black told a meeting of Girvan Community Council last week: “I have a had a business in Girvan for just over a year and I really feel that Girvan is a beautiful town. However I have customers who come from Glasgow and from down south and they keep saying to me, “what’s happening to the town, it’s drab etc.”

“On Easter Sunday I had more people coming in complaining than buying things from me.

“You can understand where they are coming from because as you drive into the town there are so many empty units with paint peeling off walls.

“But I feel that there are a lot of things we can do.

“You look at Ayr and Irvine and there are so many other towns getting money when Girvan is such a great town and needs some money spent on it.

“We could make an application to the Carrick Futures fund and that could be used to beautify the town centre.

“Girvan has a lot going for it, it has lots of independent shops and free car parking near the town centre and the seafront, but people don’t know about that. But I think there’s now something starting to stir among the small business owners in town.”

Community council chairman Alec Clark told Gillian that she “certainly had the backing of the community council” while councillor John McDowall said he thought that a business association for the town was an “excellent idea”.

The letter to the Gazette this week states: “Running a business in difficult times is never easy and especially so if we have to do it all on our own.

“The possibility of interacting with other business owners to our mutual advantage seems an attractive proposition in the current economic climate.

“A business association could allow us to work together to improve the local business climate and enhance our opportunities.”

A meeting is to be held in Ailsa Horizons on June 23 at 5.30pm for all those interested.

Gillian added: “Such a meeting will allow us the opportunity to take the idea forward and obtain the best for our businesses and for Girvan.”

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