Thought for the week

One of the things that many of us living in this area really look forward to, is Girvan Musical Society’s annual production.

It is a great opportunity for lots of different people to come and work together on something that lots more people can enjoy.

When a group puts on a show like this every single person involved in it has an important part to play. While the roles with all the songs may appear to be the most important, the reality is that everyone is important and every show needs everyone involved it in to give of their best all the time, for it to really work. This year the show is called ‘The Drowsy Chaperone.’ I have to say that I know nothing about it and it will be a pleasant surprise when I go and see it next week. Some might unfortunately be put off a little, as it is not a known show.

However , while it can be fun going to see a different version of a show you know well - sometimes it better to try something different. Perhaps in time we will grow to love this show as much as ‘Oklahoma!’ or ‘Me and My Girl! ‘ Part of the wonderful thing about life is learning about new things. There are some people who when they read their Bibles prefer to read the same passages again and again because it gives them comfort.

And there is nothing wrong with that. However the Bible has many books in it. And sometimes it rewards us to look at some of the less familiar books such as Jonah, Zecheriah, Philemon and Jude too – because each one of them also has something of value to say to us about life too.

Rev. Ian K McLachlan