Thought for the week

As I have mentioned before, we are currently in the season of Lent. And during this time there is a special Sunday which is three weeks away from that most special of all Sundays – Easter Day. The special Sunday is this coming Sunday and is known as Mothering Sunday.

Originally it was a Sunday where people who had to live away from home for work reasons, used to return to their ‘mother church’ for a special Sunday service. Nowadays though, Mothering Sunday is usually seen as being that special day in the year when children (whatever age they are) remember all that their mothers do for them.

And as a mark of respect try and do something special for their mothers in return – such as by sending them a card; buying them a present; taking them out for a special meal or making sure that they spend some time with them. A mother’s love is a very special kind of love because it is an unconditional love.

Mothers regularly have to make sacrifices for their children and at the very heart of Easter is the concept of sacrifice.

The huge sacrifice that Jesus made for us by laying down his life for us. Jesus gave up so much for us. And mothers usually give up so much too for their children. And we should always acknowledge what we owe to both.

Rev. Ian McLachlan.