Thought for the week

I WONDER how you react if the phone rings and you discover that it is someone on the line who wants to talk to you about giving money to a particular charity?

Do you mumble something and put the receiver down as quickly as possible? Do you listen to what they have to say and decide there and then whether or not you will donate anything? Or do you quickly agree to make a donation because you feel rather guilty if you don’t?

Several charities use the telephone method because they say that it gets results for them. And, in these difficult times when there are so many worthwhile charities who would be delighted to get our support, it can sometimes be very difficult to decide who we should give our money to.

Some people prefer to donate to smaller, more local charities. Others like to get involved in helping a well-known charity like Comic Relief. Some people tend to wait for charities to approach them – others have a favourite charity that they regularly give to. But why do we donate to charities? Is it because we feel that a particular charity is doing something worthwhile and we want to support its work? Or is it because we feel happy and contented in our own lives and want to give something back and make other people’s lives better? Some people like giving to charity if there is a chance of winning something in return for their donation, while other people feel that when you give to charity, you should expect nothing in return.

Giving to charity is important, because it underlines the fact that human beings should care about the other human beings who share their planet with them.

Rev Ian McLachlan