Thought for the week

In recent months there has been quite a lot of discussion in the Press about the amount of money that Britain sends abroad in overseas aid.

Some people feel that it is vital that Britain continues to do this. After all, no matter how poor some people and communities are here – they are rich compared to many other parts of the world. Others wonder about us being so generous at a time when there are so much economic uncertainty here.

I have always felt that it is possible to support charities at home and abroad. Of course there are so many worthy charities these days that it is sometimes difficult to decide which ones to give your money to.

This week is Christian Aid Week, as you will no doubt known because of the adverts which have been appearing on television. Christian Aid is one example of the churches working together in order to help people beyond their doors. While Christian Aid does help out when disasters occur, the charity is also involved in helping various communities to improve their standard of living. It aims to help people to help themselves.

Most people do not want to depend on charity. But for a whole variety of reasons some communities need some help in order to really move forward and get things done.

Christian Aid works with local organizations and together they help local people to achieve their objectives. One of the things that is obvious when you read about the various projects that Christian Aid is involved in, is what marvellous things can happen when people within a community realise that if they all work together on a particular task, then so many positive things can result from it, which benefits the whole community.