Thought for the week

So Attraction did win Britain’s Got Talent. While the concept of ‘shadow dancing’ might seem to be something totally new to many people, I remember enjoying something slightly similar , when I was a youngster. And that was the little silhouette films, created by Lotte Reiniger, which used to be shown occasionally on the BBC.

These were mainly retellings of famous folk tales and even as a child I marvelled at the artistry involved in the animation that was so different to other animated films. While Attraction’s final performance was good, I have to say that I was genuinely moved by their performance in the semi-final.

This ‘story’ was the leader’s tribute to his late mother. It made me think – and is that not something that great art should do? I spend a lot of my time writing about the Christian faith. Using words to encourage people to think about this life. I put words together to help people to consider how best they should cope with the life that they have been given. How they should relate both to Almighty God and also to other people.

There have been a large number of religious paintings produced down through the centuries. I find gazing at them invariably very spiritually uplifting. I think that perhaps Attraction won, not just because of their talent, but because what they produced - using human beings - was so life affirming and spoke to the human heart.