Thought for the week

Last week I was asking you to think about tennis. Tennis continues to be the theme this week.

I felt that I could not let Andy Murray’s wonderful victory on Sunday go by without some comment. I noticed that the match itself got huge TV ratings. Andy has been in finals several times now, but this year he has finally won the Wimbledon trophy and the competition. So it was great to see all that hard work and dedication finally paying off.

It was very uplifting to see someone finally achieving the goal that he has wanted to achieve for some time now.

It was great for the papers to have a real good news story to report. Andy managed to turn his dream into a reality and thereby be a wonderful inspiration to a large number of people. In some quarters competition of any kind is frowned upon.

However many people are quite competitive by nature and competitions often urge people on to do better than they would do otherwise. Anyway not everyone can for example win the job that they are after, especially in these times of a large number of people applying for the same job. And everyone must learn to cope with the times when they do not succeed in getting what they are aiming for. Sometimes those people who can easily master a skill do not appreciate it.

If however you have had to really work hard to achieve something, then you often appreciate it more when you finally do succeed. Following a Christian lifestyle is not an easy thing to do –some people sadly give up at the first hurdle. But others accept the fact that God is an understanding God towards those who are trying their best.