Thought for the week

In the past few days we have lost two great British broadcasters who were both called David.

They both had distinctive voices. I feel that they both contributed something important to my early life. I enjoyed watching The Frost Report and the programmes David made in the early days of London Weekend Television.

I enjoyed his many interviews, especially those he had with President Nixon.

David Jacobs for me will always be the genial host of Juke Box Jury- the programme where I first heard some of the important new record releases. I used to watch it avidly especially as my favourite programme either preceded or followed it.

I did not meet either of these people in ‘real life’ but I enjoyed their work. The same can be said for many other people. Sometimes people can mean something to us even although we have never actually met them. Many people can influence our lives in a positive way without them necessarily being aware of it.

We can appreciate many people’s lives through their work - which can leave a lasting impression on us. The Christian Church is here today because of the work done by many faithful men and women down through the ages. People who were often prepared to put their own lives on the line in order to ensure that other people got to know about Jesus’ wonderful gospel of hope and forgiveness.

While none of us have had the opportunity of meeting people like Simon Peter, James, John, and Andrew - that does not mean that these people are not important to us. Because without their work, there would not necessarily be churches here today. Our actions can often influence other people in a good way even if we are not always aware of it.