Thought for the Week- Jesus took part in many meetings

I wonder how many of you spend some of your time going to meetings. By that I mean events which are scheduled at a particular time of the week, where people can get together to talk about how they can move forward some worthwhile project that they care about – such as keeping a club going or planning some charitable fundraising events.

Sometimes meetings have guest speakers who can offer good advice. Attendees at such events, hope that they are not just ‘talking shops’ and that something good will come out of the meeting. Inevitably not everybody who attends a meeting, will agree with everything that is said. Usually some alternatives to a proposed action plan are suggested during the meeting, but hopefully by its conclusion, most attendees will be in agreement with what should be done.

Sometimes afterwards some people complain about the decisions that were arrived at; suggesting alternatives privately to trusted colleagues, which for various reasons they did not put forward at the meeting.

There will be some people who are prepared to speak up if they strongly disagree with something that is said. But there will be others who will not say too much, because they do not want to ‘rock the boat’ or because they want to get home early! However it is always better if everyone gets an opportunity to ‘have their say’ in a polite way.

Jesus when he was on earth took part in many meetings. Sometimes he was asked questions, but mainly the people came to hear what he had to say about how they could please God.

Jesus hoped that they did not just listen to him but formed a personal action plan, so that they could do something positive to make their and other people’s lives better.