Threat from poisonous gas

More than six in 10 households in the UK are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, B&Q has revealed.

The survey of 2000 homeowners from across Britain highlighted the lack of the basic carbon monoxide alarm in hundreds of thousands of homes. Less than four in 10 homeowners own one. The deadly gas, which can be produced by faulty ovens, is colourless, odourless and tasteless, and is often a risk overshadowed by the need to have a smoke alarm.

This is compared to 80 per cent of the nation owning at least one working smoke alarm in their home. Out of these, two-thirds regularly test it with almost one-fifth testing it on a weekly basis. Over a quarter of those with a smoke alarm test it every six months and nine out of 10 people who own a smoke alarm also know how to change the batteries.

As the storyline involving “Fiz” in the TV soap Coronation Street falling for carbon monoxide poisoning continues, the nation is being urged by B&Q to purchase a carbon monoxide alarm or test their current one.

When it comes to age, older homeowners were revealed as more likely to have a carbon monoxide alarm whereas those aged 18-24 were the least likely.