Time for some action

It receives cross party support at Holyrood, backed by all politicians, so all that is asked in Maybole is “when can we see some action?”

Maybole Bypass Committee asked that question earlier this week after a local woman sustained minor injuries last Thursday after being hit by a van at a pedestrian crossing.

Peter Mason, chair of Maybole Bypass committee, said: “Three weeks ago we had the three main political parties in the Town Hall at a public coffee morning, to tell us their views on a bypass.

“All three of them agreed that a bypass is urgently required. The Lib Dems and the Green Party were also invited to the meeting and even though they did not make it we know from previous contact that they, too, support the case for a bypass for Maybole. In fact, as far as we know, this is the only bypass supported by all parties at Holyrood. When can we expect to see some action?”

Mr Mason added: “They were crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing. Luckily their injuries were not serious, but just as easily it could have been far worse. We as the bypass committee and as a community council have complained to Amey time and time again, about work needing to be done on the road and signage leading up to the only supposedly safe place to cross the A77 in Maybole.

“Again we have been proved right in our allegations that this is a dangerous pedestrian crossing. We have asked the police at various meetings if we can have a CCTV camera pointed at the pedestrian crossing to see how many times drivers drive through the red lights in a day.

“They say that the CCTV camera is not number plate sensitive, which I agree with, but if they had to zoom the camera in on the crossing the number plates are clear and legible.

“We have asked for police officers to be on the High Street and look to see how many times drivers go through the lights while they are at red, I do appreciate how busy the police are but there is an officer in the High Street anyway, surely he could spend a few minutes looking at this problem?

“Which brings us to yet another problem - lorry drivers using our pavements as part of the A77.

“The lorry drivers claim that the A77 is not wide enough for two of them to pass each other on the High Street which in some cases I do agree with.

“But that is not our problem; a bypass will sort our problem. How many times have we all walked down the street and lorries are using the pavements and we have to go into shop fronts or squeeze against the wall to stop from being knocked down. Again we have complained to the police and Amey about this to no avail, nothing has been done or, I might say, will be done about it. As long as the traffic is kept flowing through Maybole who cares? In fact, only the day after the crossing incident there was some serious congestion in the High Street when a delivery lorry was parked on the pavement outside the Health Centre.”

Police confirmed to the Carrick Gazette that Alison Martin, 17, from Maybole was crossing at the pedestrain crossing on High Street, Maybole with her friend when a white van collided with her. She sustained minor injuries and Police enquiries are still ongoing.