Top marks for Girvan’s Hillcrest

Friends of Hillcrest help keep a minibus on the road for residents to get out and about.
Friends of Hillcrest help keep a minibus on the road for residents to get out and about.
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Girvan’s Hillcrest care home is celebrating following a recent inspection by the Care Inspectorate.

The residential care home has consistently received top marks following inspections and the Care Inspectorate even praised Hillcrest’s work in its in-house magazine “Care News”.

Mala Thomson, who carried out the last two inspections at Hillcrest said: “This is one of the few care homes I’ve come across where they actually befriend people.

“They really go the extra mile and make residents feel like they’re still part of the community by taking them out and about to community groups and social events.

“One example of the attention to detail caught my attentioin during the first inspection. They had a lady at the end of life and I watched how people dealt with her.

“She was never alone for more than five minutes, people were offering her drinks, chatting to her, they had her favourite music playing and had even moved her bed round so she could see out of the window. She was treated with respect and dignity at all times.”

The care home also enjoys a dedicated committee, the Friends of Hillcrest, who along with staff work hard to imrpove the lives of residents.

Denis Reid, chairman of the committee said: “The council is very good and supplies as much as it can, but it can’t supply everything.

“That’s where we come in. “We do all sorts of fundraising and we manage to keep a good minibus on the road.

“We have lots of events like race nights and bingo and the residents come too.

“It makes them feel part of the community and the minibus gives them their independence because they can go to the shops and still get out and about.

“We do everything we can to make their lives better.”