Tory candidate hits out at underspend

A Kirkmichael man who is challenging for the Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock seat in May’s General Election has hit out at an underspend from the Scottish Government.

Lee Lyons, who lives in the villages is the Conservative candidate for the seat and he says unnecessary pressure is being put on South Ayrshire Council by politicians in Edinburgh.

Scottish Government accounts show that the government underspent on their budget by £444m in the last financial year

He said: “The SNP have spent nearly 8 years criticising the UK Government for not giving Scotland enough money to spend on vital services despite having the largest block grant ever. There are increasing financial pressures on local council budgets and important public services yet the SNP have decided to stockpile nearly half a billion pounds this year alone. 

“I call on the Scottish Government to pass some of this money on to South Ayrshire Council to help alleviate some of the financial pressures which will help secure hundreds of local jobs and ensure taxpayers across Carrick get value for their money”.

Lyons was selected for the seat which has been held by Labour’s Sandra Osborne in its current format since 2005 by party members in August after playing a key local role with Better Together in the referendum campaign.

Lyons is up for the challenge of taking on Osborne who has been an MP since 1997.

Speaking to the Gazette in October he said: “I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’ll be explaining why as a party of Government, we should remain the party of Government.

“I know that Sandra has a strong majority here and it won’t be easy but our previous candidate took close to 2,000 votes off her majority and obviously I will be looking to better that this time.”