Trade booms as a result of botched DIY

Business is booming for UK tradesmen due to Britain’s do-it-yourself attitude, according to a new survey.

Commissioned by insurance broker Swinton Commercial, the study, which took a sample of 100 tradesmen and women from across the UK, found nearly two-thirds (62%) of plumbers, builders, electricians and plasterers said inadequate DIY attempts accounted for up to 25% of their workloads.

Over 40 per cent of tradesmen said they were regularly called out to fix DIY mishaps at businesses, while 70% said that over ambitious DIY-ers were guilty of putting themselves and others at risk.

A huge 83.5% of tradesmen said that most amateur DIY attempts resulted from people believing it would be cheaper to do jobs themselves rather than hiring a professional, believing that skilled jobs are easy (50.5%), or because they worried they would get ripped off by rogue traders (47.4%).

Almost 60 per cent of tradesmen surveyed (59.5%) said they thought it was a growing trend.

Out of the tradesmen who took part in the study, it was plumbers who reported having to deal with the highest number of DIY disasters, with 20% saying fixing dodgy home or work improvements often accounted for up to 84% of their workloads.

Electricians reported having to deal with the DIY blunders most likely to put people at serious risk (45.5%), with 27.3% saying they often accounted for as much as 49% of callouts.

The most common area where people carried out shoddy DIY workmanship was in the kitchen (39.2%) followed by the bathroom (27%).