First shout of 2017 for Girvan lifeboat crew

The yacht was dangerously close to the breakwater.
The yacht was dangerously close to the breakwater.

Girvan volunteer lifeboat crew’s pagers were activated at around 4.30pm on Monday (July 3) after reports of a yacht that was dangerously close to the north side of the breakwater.

The vessel had become stuck with the tide and having also lost power she was at the mercy of the tide and rocks.

The All weather lifeboat Silvia Burrell was launched and quickly made its way to the stricken vessel where a tow was established.

The lifeboat crew proceeded to establish a tow line and move the vessel away from danger enabling it to break free from its grounded position.

Once free it was able to regain power.

The crew stood by and assisted with the mooring of the casualty vessel where it was handed over to our colleagues from the Girvan UK Coastguard team, the lifeboat was then moored and made ready for service at 5:05pm.

This was the first shout of 2017 for our volunteer crew who train every week so that when the pagers do go off, the highly skilled team can put the training into practice and this was another fine example and textbook rescue.