Gazette readers happy to see village speed issues raised

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We asked our readers on our Facebook page last week if they thought it was a good idea to implement a 20mph zone in villages in the Carrick area.

And, going from your answers, it is clear that road safety is a huge issue on our village roads, and one that certainly needs to be looked at.

Residents are to be consulted by South Ayrshire Council on the plan put forward at the recent full council meeting by Councillor Peter Henderson, seconded by Councillor Ian Cochrane.

Reader Selina Laurie told us: “Ha ... they’ll need to enforce the 30mph which is ignored before they try 20mph.”

This was echoed by Sally Andre, who said: “It might make the 40mph idiots slow down to 30mph if nothing else”, and Iain D Drynan, who wrote: “I stay on Henrietta Street in Girvan and the speed they go along at is a disgrace, but as usual, no speed guns or cameras to be seen. Try getting them down to 30 before you try 20, fed up complaining about it as nobody listens, especially the police.

Trunk Road Kirkoswald wrote: “Absolutely overdue ... Kirkoswald needs speed activated traffic lights before there is a serious accident!!!”

But Peter Ross said: “They should fix the roads first,” and Lig John told us: “It doesn’t work in Maybole! Unenforceable.”

Claire Imrie said she thought it had already been implemented. She said: “Every road in southlanarkshire road is (I’m pretty sure).”