Missing white lines spell danger at A77 junction

The junction of the A77 and B741 near Girvan.
The junction of the A77 and B741 near Girvan.

White lines have still not been painted onto a junction on the A77 following roadworks earlier this year.

At the busy junction where the A77 meets the B741 a filter lane has not been white lined and there are claims that the road is now dangerous, particularly in the dark.

Iain Yuille, of local company William Yuille Ltd, said: “Can anybody tell me if there is currently a shortage of white paint in South Ayrshire?

“At the beginning of August the B741 was closed for approximately two weeks between the A77 and Grangestone Industrial Estate for resurfacing, then mid October the A77 was closed between Bridgemill and Dowhill for essential resurfacing and since then only partial white lines have been painted on both these roads. The B741 junction from the A77 has no Give Way or filter lane lines marked leaving it to the driver to guess where the B741 stops and the A77 starts.

“We also have cones, that are now black, currently guiding southbound traffic past what should be a filter lane for northbound traffic turning onto the B741! Does there have to be an accident before something is done?”

A spokesperson for Scotland TranServ said: “The white linings at this location could not be completed as part of the planned programme of work due to adverse weather conditions. We are working with our contractor to identify dates to reinstate the white line markings.”