Series of roadworks for A77 at Lendalfoot

The resurfacing improvements will address defects in the road and create a smoother and safer journey for motorists.
The resurfacing improvements will address defects in the road and create a smoother and safer journey for motorists.

Roadworks will be in place on a series of resurfacing projects on the A77 in the Lendalfoot area from 10th until 27th of July.

The work will address structural cracking and potholes on a total of 2.1km of the trunk road and has been scheduled to reduce long term disruption say Transerv.

Alan Murray, Scotland TranServ’s Principal Roads Design Engineer said: “We are working in consultation with Police Scotland and local authorities in order to reduce disruption on the A77 while we carry out these important works. We have pulled together a number of short projects to deliver these with maximum efficiency and minimal impact on the community.”

The projects include:

Overnight resurfacing of A77 between Carleton Fisheries and Lendalfoot. The £300k resurfacing project will run overnight from Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th of July, before breaking for the weekend to limit disruption, and then resuming on the evening of Sunday 23rd until Thursday 27th of July. The works will address potholes and structural cracking along a 1.1km stretch of trunk road.

Roads Design Engineer Darren Mitchell added: “This is an important programme of work, with this section of the A77 reaching the end of its maintainable life. We will operate an overnight convoy system in order keep traffic flowing as much as possible. Only once the road is sufficiently quiet will we implement a convoy system to guide traffic through the works. This is an important project and we’re doing everything possible to keep disruption to a minimum.”

A convoy system will operate overnight from around 7pm to 6am each morning from Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th and Sunday 23rd to Thursday 27th of July.

A short resurfacing project located at the A77 Lendalfoot North Gateway, which the local community have already been directly informed of. This £100k project will address issues with potholes on around 1km of the trunk road. The short scheme will run from Monday the 10th to Sunday 16th of July. In order to keep disruption to a minimum the work will be carried out under a daytime convoy system.

Scotland TranServ’s Strategic Road Safety team will also put in new road safety markings for the village. Additional road safety measures in the shape of speed limit signing and Vehicle Activated Signs will be installed later in the year.

Omar Sarwar, Scotland TranServ’s Project Manager for the scheme added: “We have worked closely with the community to identify the need for this project and schedule it accordingly. This short-term programme of work will deliver tangible, long-term benefits to nearby residents, businesses and commuters.”

Vincent Tait, Scotland TranServ’s Road Safety Manager said: “We have been working with local communities to identify areas of our network most in need of road safety solutions. The new improved road markings will highlight the road alignment, whilst being complimented by the new signs when they are installed to promote better compliance with the speed limit.

Andy Fraser, Scotland TranServ’s Operating Company Representative added: “The A77 is an important economic artery for South West Scotland. That is why we have scheduled this significant programme of work to be delivered with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption. Across South West Scotland, we’re working on behalf of Transport Scotland to prioritise such road maintenance issues and deliver our road surface improvement projects as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.”