Two new buses for Carrick

the launch nevent for the new minibuses
the launch nevent for the new minibuses

Two new minibuses are now available in the North Carrick area.

A recent event at The Speakers in Maybole saw the official launch of the two accessible minibuses which are part of a much wider project led by South Ayrshire Community Transport group (SACT).

The communities of North Carrick, through community action plans and the Locality Planning Group, had concerns that there was a shortage of accessible community transport available for groups and individuals that had accessibility requirements.

Mark Fletcher, chair of North Carrick Community Benefit Company (NCCBC) said: “We had ring-fenced £60,000 to address community transport issues.

“When approached by SACT to be a match funder to Ayrshire LEADER and others in a larger community transport project across South Ayrshire we were happy to support the purchase of these two buses.

“These are based in Maybole at The Speakers and can be booked directly with SACT who are the operator of this service.

“Further to this grant, NCCBC has agreed to fund Midas training for volunteers in North Carrick to ensure that groups can make full use of the buses and anyone who wishes to take part in this training should contact Catriona at SACT, first-come first-served basis.

“We would encourage the community to make good use of these vehicles as the sustainability of community transport comes through use.”