Traffic chaos at Turnberry

Villagers campaigning to have the speed limit reduced on the A77 are up in arms this week after a fractured manhole cover caused traffic chaos.

Turnberry residents are petitioning the Scottish Parliament to have the speed limit reduced from 40mph to 30mph on the A77 through the village.

Last week a heavy goods vehicle went over a manhole cover which gave way and fractured the vehicles’s fuel tank.

Turnberry resident Shirley Milligan said: “Once again the A77 has been reduced to one way using traffic lights.

“A heavy goods vehicle went over one of the many man hole covers, which was already loose and has been reported to the roads department.

“The cover jumped up and fractured the diesel tank on the vehicle. The driver didn’t realise until he ran out of diesel in Kirkoswald having spilt all the fuel en route!

“When the police arrived to slow and redirect the traffic I actually witnessed two lorry drivers shouting at the police officer on duty.

“At this time there was a gaping big hole in the road that could have caused 
another fatal accident. If HGV drivers would go at the speed they are supposed to the manhole covers may not break so often or here’s a suggestion, move them three feet onto the pavement.

“The residents of Turnberry are currently campaigning to have the road speed reduced from 40 to 30 mph. Also we would like the road speed flashing signs but unfortunately we don’t seem to be a priority. What is Holyrood waiting?

“If for no other reason let’s drop the speed limit to save money on the repairs to the roads, and keep the traffic flowing smoothly.”