Trump ban would be catastrophic says MP

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Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock MP Corri Wilson has condemned Donald Trump’s recent comments on Muslims in today’s Westminster debate on the public petition to ban the US Republican nomination hopeful from the UK.

In a speech designed to highlight the impact the withdrawal of the Trump Organisation’s £200 million investment would have on the Ayrshire economy, Ms Wilson called for people to reflect on how such a ban would be viewed in this constituency.

Speaking in the debate, Ms Wilson said: “Donald Trump is a divisive character, and I have no intention of standing here and defending the man. His comments on Chinese people, on Mexican immigrants, on women, have been deplorable, and certainly do not mirror the type of politics we aspire to in Scotland.

“I am delighted that over half a million people here in the UK have chosen to call him out on these latest statements by standing up for our Muslim community and signing this petition.

“However, Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock cannot afford to spurn the investment of the Trump Organisation because the head of the family business is spouting offensive right-wing rhetoric in an election campaign thousands of miles away.

“Being banned from the UK will ultimately be little more than a minor irritant for the man, but if the Trump Organisation pulls out of Turnberry because its head is locked out, it would be catastrophic for the resort, and a tragedy for the local community.

“While I agree with the sentiment, my role here is to speak for my constituency. Banning someone for wanting to ban others is, in my view, an inappropriate response.”

Scottish Labour candidate for Carrick Cumnock and Doon Valley, Carol Mochan has challenged her SNP opponent to say whether she agrees with Alex Salmond that Donald Trump should walk away from his investment in Turnberry.

She said: ‘I don’t want Donald Trump to do anything that would put at risk the jobs and investment that flow from his development of Turnberry Golf Course and hotel, I just want to see America end his political ambitions and stop him making outrageous hate filled statements publicly.

“Then he can return to being simply the American owner of the Turnberry development.

“We can certainly do without Alex Salmond’s interference, calling on air for Trump to pull out of Turnberry.

“It has nothing to do with Salmond; he doesn’t represent this area.

“What does the SNP candidate for this area have to say about this? Does she agree with him? What does the local MP for Ayr Carrick and Cumnock have to say?

“The SNP need to grow up and realise that not all issues are just opportunities for a newspaper headline but can involve complex choices and serious consequences. Mr Salmond and Mr Trump seem to have at least one thing in common – they are both prone to open their mouths and says whatever they think will get a quick headline without caring about the consequences.”