Trump: Carrick will feel the benefits

Donald Trump and golf course architect Martin Ebert survey the Ailsa course
Donald Trump and golf course architect Martin Ebert survey the Ailsa course

Donald Trump says that the Carrick area will feel the benefits of his investment in the Trump Turnberry resort.

Answering a question posed by The Carrick Gazette at his press conference this week, the 68 year-old said that he is ‘planning to do great things here’.

He spoke of a knock on effect of jobs being created and how the wider economy in the region will benefit.

“We are investing a great deal of money here and that can only be a good thing. There are a lot of great ideas and the feedback I have had so far has only been positive.

“Look at something like Chic Brodie’s proposing, a golf Academy. That’s a good idea and one we’ll certainly look into.”

And Trump made reference to an owner of a hotel in the Aberdeen area who thanked him for a significant upturn in business.

“There was a hotel owner in Aberdeen who held a press conference to personally thank me for a 59% upturn in his takings on the previous year.

“That’s the sort of thing we do, we are successful and the areas know about it.”

Trump said that the fact Turnberry is on the Open rota was a factor in his decision to purchase the resort in April.

He said: “It was one of many factors that I considered.

“The Open is a magnificent tournament. I’ve watched it for many years and I’ve never missed it.

“It’s just an honour to be associated with the Royal and Ancient (golf’s governing body) and the tournament potentially.

“It’s already had four Opens and the women are coming next year, which I consider very important, and I think the greatness of this course will lead to others, it has to.

“We have now the greatest canvas in all of golf so ultimately people can’t avoid it.”

He described owning the resort as a real honour.

“Turnberry is an incredible place, it is one of the great golf courses anywhere in the world and to think that I would have the opportunity to own it and to bring the hotel and the course to the next level is just a real honour for me.”

Trump’s son Eric who will oversee the upgrading of the Trump Turnberry hotel spoke of the twinkle in his father’s eye when he heard Turnberry was a potential purchase.

“I haven’t seen a twinkle in my father’s eye like the one he had when we talked about Turnberry.

“My father and I were out on that course at 6.30 this morning discussing ideas and we’re just so excited about this and we’re gonna have a blast doing this.”

Trump also confirmed that Peter Dawson, the outgoing chief executive of the Royal and Ancient had told him that the engravement on the Open Championship’s Claret Jug would simply remain Turnberry.

And as he finished outlining his plans for the resort, he introduced Ralph Porciani, the new general manager of Trump Turnberry to everyone in attendance.

Mr Trump quipped: “When I spoke to everyone about who was the main guy here, everyone kept pointing out Ralph. They said Ralph, he’s the man and I’m delighted he’s the general manager.

“But Ralph knows if he doesn’t step up to the mark, I’ll say to him You’re Fired.” And with that everyone headed off for a spectacular lunch before Mr Trump posed outside for more photos alongside his helicopter.