Trump lodges plans for a new Turnberry fountain

The proposed fountain for the entrance at the back of Turnberry.
The proposed fountain for the entrance at the back of Turnberry.

Donald Trump has lodged plans which he hopes will grant him permission to erect another fountain at his Trump Turnberry resort.

Back in March, a fountain featuring a 13ft Roman Centurion was put up outside the resort’s clubhouse, which is currently undergoing a multi million pound refurbishment and is set to re-open in June.

That fountain was rported to have cost £100,000 and now Trump is wanting to erect a new fountain at the entrance at the back of the property, where a fountain is currently situated.

As has become Trump’s trademark at his golf resorts around the world, an imposing Roman Chariots fountain would replace the existing one and the Roman chariot at the top of the fountain would stand at 6 feet 6 in height with designs showing that the fountain’s base would be an incredible 40 inches in diameter.

It is the latest in a long list of new improvements Trump is currently hoping to get approval for at Trump Turnberry with multi million pound renovations to the hotel now significantly taking shape including the opening of new ballroom suites and the Grand Tea Lounge and Bar in recent weeks.

Work is also currently on-going to create new pitching areas near the performance Academy which it is hoped will give golfers more space to practice.