Trump planning to spend £250m at Trump Turnberry

Tycoon Donald Trump has pledged to spend £250m on his Trump Turnberry resort, an increase of £150m on what was initially planned.

The American billionaire made the announcement at Prestwick Airport on Friday where he revealed a link up between his aircraft operations and the airport.

Mr Trump also said he would fight any plans to build wind turbines which are ‘visible from the course’.

Upon completing his purchase of the resort in June, Trump announced plans for a £100m revamp.

However, those plans have now significantly expanded and £250m will have been invested by Trump when work is completed.

The new expansion plans include the development of a new ballroom with a planning application set to be lodged with South Ayrshire Council in the near future.

Trump is also planning a refurbishment of the clubhouse over the winter months which he promises won’t see much disruption at all.

His work to transform the Ailsa Course will begin on 1 October next year after the women’s Open Championship is held on the championship course from July 30th- August2nd 2015. The work should be completed by June 2016 by when Mr Trump will be focusing on his re-design of the Kintyre course.

He is hoping to draw visitors from across the world to the resort. Mr Trump said: “You have an incredible pedigree in Scotland when it comes to tourism and golf which no other country has to that extent.”

Trump also re-iterated his pledge to fight any plans for any wind turbines to be built near Turnberry.

“There are plans right now for turbines near Turnberry and if they are proven to be visible from the course, then we will fight them. I love Scotland but your land is being destroyed by these wind turbines which are going up everywhere right now.”

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