Trump pledges to make his resort the world’s best

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Donald Trump has pledged to make his new resort the finest of its kind in the world as he outlined his plans for Trump Turnberry this week.

The American tycoon held his first press conference on Wednesday in the 1906 restaurant overlooking Ailsa Craig.

He reaffirmed his commitment to invest £100m in upgrading the hotel, a project that will be overseen by his son Eric.

Mr Trump said: “We are going to be spending at least £100m on redoing the hotel, on building it up to the highest standards, and I’m talking world standards.

“We have a facility really that can be the finest hotel anywhere in the world, and certainly the finest hotel of its kind anywhere in the world.”

The 68 year old bought the resort for an undisclosed sum in April and put his own stamp on it last month.

He says that he didn’t rename the resort to boost his own ego but rather to make Turnberry more successful.

He said: “One of the things about the Trump organisation is that our buildings are tremendously successful, so if you add it, I’m not doing it for ego, I’m doing it to make it more successful.

“I actually asked some people that are very important in Scotland; what do you make of the name Trump Turnberry?

“Everyone said they would love it and I spoke to the higher ups in the world of golf, one of whom said it used to be called Westin Turnberry when the Japanese owned it. I think Trump Turnberry sounds much better.”

Mr Trump was joined at his resort by renowned architect Martin Ebert who announced some planned changes to the course. And the iconic Turnberry lighthouse is set to become a halfway house.

Subject to approval from golf’s governing body, the Royal and Ancient, the championship tee at the 10th will be moved further back and left from its current position meaning a carry of over 260 yards to the fairway.

The tenth green will be moved further back and the iconic island bunker on that hole will be retained.

The 11th hole will become a par 3 that is played ‘across the bay’ with the tee getting moved further forward with the green pushed back to sit amongst the rocks at the shoreline.

Mr Ebert said: “It is so simple and natural to sit a green in there.”

Trump Turnberry is his second course in Scotland alongside his one in Aberdeenshire.