Trump’s grand plans for Turnberry resort get the green light

Donald Trump at Trump Turnberry.
Donald Trump at Trump Turnberry.

Donald Trump’s extravagant plans for the Trump Turnberry resort have been given the green light by South Ayrshire Council.

The tycoon who recently revealed he is going to spend £250m on upgrading the resort, submitted the plans with the authority last month.

And after the plans received no objections, the council gave the 68 year old approval for his reurbishment plans.

A major feature of Trump’s plans are a 13 foot high fountain which will be situated outside the refurbished clubhouse, which is currently closed.

The fountain is set to feature a Roman centurion-like figure at the top of it who will be surrounded by lions. Major renovation works to the hotel will also take place, with Trump getting approval for a new ballroom plus many alterations to the interior of the hotel including replacing floors and sprucing up the toilets.

His plans also include building new doors to open out to the terracing and he is also planning to expand the hotel’s conference area in order to bring more business high flyers to the resort.

The tycoon is also continuing to overhaul the pitch and putt course at the front of the hotel which will be a challenging 18 hole course by the time it is completed towards the Spring of 2015.

Trump’s son Eric also continues to be a regular visitor to his father’s resort which was purchased in June to oversee the upgrading and refurbishment of every room and design in the hotel.