Trump says second independence referendum would be ‘ridiculous’

Donald Trump is set to be at the resort until Friday.
Donald Trump is set to be at the resort until Friday.

Donald Trump flew into Turnberry earlier and declared the course as the favourite of all the players.

He held an extraordinary press conference at the same time the women’s best golfers were doing battle out on the Ailsa Course, during which he showed his support to keep the United Kingdom together.

Addressing media from across the globe, Trump said: “It’s great we have the Women’s Open here and all the players are coming off the course and saying how great the course is.

“This is the favourite of all the players and what I’m doing to it is going to make it even better.”

Trump was also asked about the possibility of a second referendum on Scottish Independence which he branded ‘ridiculous’.

The Trump Turnberry owner said: “I think it’s ridiculous. “I would be extremely upset if that was even thought about. I had heard it would be 50 years before it would happen again.

“I don’t know if it would happen again but it was a very bad period for Scotland. It was very divisive and I was here and I was watching.

“I thought that staying together was the better thing. I didn’t want to make my points very clearly on that, because I felt it wasn’t up to me.

“But I feel the people made the right decision and I can’t imagine they would want to go through that again.”

He also spoke at length about his current bid to be US President and made the claim he’d win the Hispanic vote if he receives the Republican nomination.

“If I get the nomination which I believe I will then I will get the Hispanic vote. I’m number one among Hispanics in the polls.

“Illegal immigration is a huge subject in the USA and I believe I’ve won the argument on it and people are now thanking me for bringing it up.”

Trump, who was sporting a cap with the slogan “Make America Great Again”, also added; “If I became President, I think I’d get on well with Vladimir Putin.”