Turbine appeal turned down at Ballantrae farm

A Scottish Government reporter has thrown out an appeal meaning two wind turbines will not be built at Auchenflower Farm in Ballantrae.

The decision was issued last week after the council had originally rejected the plans in May.

Concerns had been raised over the impact the two turbines would have had on the occupier of Braeburn Cottage which was only 370m away from the site, with former MEP Struan Stevenson lodging an objection.

In his report, David Liddell said that he had turned down the appeal because of issues relating to the landscape and visual and cumulative impacts, that the 23.2m to blade tip turbines would have had as well as impacts on residential amenity .

Whilst the reporter said that he didn’t believe the turbines would dominate the local landscape, he said the regular pattern of turbines encountered when travelling along the glen would become a significant characteristic of the landscape and therefore affect its scenic quality.