Two callouts for Girvan lifeboat

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Girvan all-weather lifeboat (ALB) was launched on Sunday 3 July to reports of kayakers in difficulty a mile out from the rocky shoreline of Lendalfoot.

At 9.34am the crews pagers were activated at the request of Belfast Coastguard, Girvan’s Mersey class all-weather lifeboat Silvia Burrell and her volunteer crew launched on service to reports from a concerned member of the public, that they no longer had a sight of kayakers and feared they were in difficulty, approximately half a mile off the rocky shoreline at Lendalfoot.

Also tasked to the scene were Girvan & Ballantrae Coastguard Rescue Teams and Coastguard Rescue 999

Further reports came in that the kayakers were on a planned journey to Girvan.

The crew prepared for arrival at the location and crew members kitted up in dry suits in preparation for entering the water, whilst other crew were keeping watch for the casualties.

At 10am Girvan Lifeboat had a visual on the casualties, and quickly ensured the casualties were ok and if they were in need of assistance.

The lifeboat crew obtained further information, and the Helicopter returned to base, the lifeboat remained on scene whilst the kayakers went to shore and spoke with the Coastguard teams.

The lifeboat crew once happy that there was at this point no immediate danger and the kayakers were safe, well and happy to proceed with their journey ‘Silvia Burrell’ and our volunteer crew made their way back to station.

The lifeboat was back in Girvan, being cleaned, refuelled and made ready for service at 10:40hrs

In this instance the call was deemed a false alarm with good intent and everyone was safe and well, however things can go from good to very bad at sea in a very short space of time, and we would encourage that if you genuinely believe that someone is in difficulty to call the Coastguard. If it doubt dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

At 8am on Monday 4 July Girvan Lifeboat volunteer crew’s pagers were once again activated by Belfast Coastguard.

As the crew assembled at the station, the information obtained was reports of a possible sighting of an upturned vessel, just off the charismatic coast of Turnberry.

From the pagers going off to the boat launching on service was around 8 minutes with the RNLB Silvia Burrell soon making her way out the pier end northwards.

On arrival on scene at the reported location, a thorough search of the area was carried out, this was assisted by HMCG Rescue Helicopter 999 and the Coastguard Rescue Team from Girvan on the shore.

It was found that the alleged upturned vessel and what looked to be a hull in the water was a large piece of debris, which from the shoreline could easily have looked like a hull of an upturned boat.

At this point and once all were happy that there were no other vessels or persons in danger the lifeboat, helicopter and CRT stood down, in what was deemed a false alarm with good intent.

Girvan lifeboat and her volunteer crew returned to station where the lifeboat was once again made ready for the next service call.

Once again we would say if in doubt dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

You can come and see us in action this Sunday 10th July 12:00 at our annual Harbour Gala, where there will be fun for all the family as well as a rescue display with the lifeboat and Rescue Helicopter.