Two-day light spectacular!

The GIRVAN skyline will be lit up this weekend with a two-day light extravaganza on Friday and Saturday night.

The annual firework display will be held on the Friday - for this year only - and the Festival of Light will be held on the Saturday night.

A Girvan Attractions committee member explained the reasons behind this.

They said: “The company we use for the fireworks also put on the firework display in Edinburgh and are not available on the 5th of November because they are booked to be in the capital.

“So just for this one year they will be in Girvan on the Friday night and have promised us an even bigger show than ever before.

“Next year the two events will be on the same night as they normally are.

“We want to thank all of our sponsors and everyone who has donated their time and money to the display and can guarantee that this year will be a spectacular show.”

The Festival of Light then takes to the street on Saturday evening when the legendary Don Quixote journeys all the way from Spain to head the parade.

He will also be tackling some of Scotland’s giants along the way.

The Don will be joined by a host of windmill lanterns and planes and satellites and ships as the winds of change blow through the town to the shorefront.

Expect dance, music, fire, light and pyrotechnics as local giant Benandonner meets the Don on the shorefront, for the 2011 finale show.

n Look out for some spectacular pictures in next week’s Gazette.