uBusiness association reformed with pledge to improve town

the support is there, the will is there, now let’s get on with it - that was the message at a meeting of town traders who last week agreed to relaunch Girvan’s business association.

Representatives of businesses from throughout the town met at Ailsa Horizons on Thursday, June 23 following last week’s article and letter in the Carrick Gazette.

Two businesswomen had called for to improve the town centre and for businesses to work together to better promote their business to residents and to encourage people to shop locally more often.

The campaign started by shop owners Gillian Black and Anne Campbell has gained the support of a number of businesses in the town which all want to improve the town centre.

Anne Campbell, who owns a boutique in Dalrymple Street, told the meeting: “This is not good enough. Girvan has so much more to offer. I believe there is plenty of potential in the town.”

Gillian Black, who took the idea to the community council earlier this month, added: “I went to the community council and found out there is a lot of funding available and we need to maximise this to fufil the town’s potential.

“There are a number of businesses who could make it tonight that do support this idea to make Girvan better.”

Sue Andrew said she felt very little support is given to local traders.

“I put a lot of hard work into the King’s Arms but got no help from South Ayrshire Council and very little rate relief,” she said.

“Through Ailsa Horizons we organised a meeting with the council, had a nice lunch where we explained our issues, but they never got back to us.

“When we had to close, I had to let eight people go which was devastating.”

The meeting heard that the previous association folded after a lack of interest but the new group are extremely keen to make a difference.

Anne Campbell cited Prestwick as an excellent example of what can be achieved with a proactive and positive business association.

She said: “Not so long ago Prestwick was in the same boat as Girvan, the main street wasn’t particularly great and shops were struggling.

“The business association pulled together there and have really made a difference.”

A steering group was formed, which will now meet with Ailsa Horizons’ Stuart Lindsay, with another meeting scheduled for next month.