Union holds further Nestle talks

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The GMB Union which represents workers at the redundancy threatened Nestlé Plant in Girvan is to hold further talks with the company today.

Nestlé recently announced restructuring plans for the chocolate crumb plant with the threat to more than 20 jobs. This represents one-third of the workforce.

GMB Union organiser, Richard Leonard said that the workers were keen to explore alternatives that would avoid the need for redundancies.

Mr Leonard said: “The company has confirmed that its own plans are at a ‘formative stage’. That means there is still an opportunity to look at ways of saving these jobs.

“We are calling on Nestlé to give serious consideration to diversification options that would keep these high value jobs in Girvan.

“That means new markets and even new products must be vigorously pursued.”

He also said that the GMB Union was entitled to receive more information on the costings and performance of the Girvan site adding: “We do not believe that the Girvan factory is uneconomic or uncompetitive.

“Neither do we accept that people should lose their jobs with all the economic and social consequences that would bring.

“That’s why we are challenging Nestlé to work with us to come up with a plan that keeps people in jobs and works to an economics that takes account of the community too.”