Vandals cost community thousands

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A COMMUNITY association could lose out on thousands of pounds of funding thanks to vandals in Maybole.

Members of the Covenanters Gait Residents Association have been developing their area themselves.

With contributions from the residents and grants they recently started planting trees, bushes, flowers and plants with the help of BTCV who are recognised as a major source of expert information, guidance and support to community groups.

They spent days on the work over a couple of weekends but were horrified when vandals pulled out plants and destroyed them.

The next weekend they bought more plants and replanted the area that had been destroyed but the vandals struck again and also cut cable ties holding a fence up.

Peter Mason, chair of the Association, said: “We have calculated that we are £565 out of pocket with this vandalism. I had to give assurances to our funder that no major vandalism would take place but, after what has happened, I can’t see how we can get future funding, although we have an application in for £22,000 to improve the ends of the roads. I feel this funding is now in jeopardy.”

“The residents of the estate are up in arms over this issue; some asking for their donations back, some withdrawing from the Association.

“In addition, we are trying to improve the ends of the streets leading onto Culzean Road to improve Maybole for tourists and were going to be creating a seating area for people to stop and rest during the summer months, we are also going to highlight the two people our streets are named after – John Loudon McAdam and Robert Burns who have strong connections to the town.”