Vandals slash Girvan school polytunnels

This is simply unacceptable.

That was the view of Girvan Academy’s depute head teacher Alex Scott after the secondary school was hit by vandalism this week.

On the evening of Friday 2 August at just after 7pm, two youths walked into the school grounds armed with sticks and began to slash the polytunnels which are located near the back of the school.

The two youths in question were both 13 years old males and have now been reported to the children’s reporter for causing over £3000 worth of damage.

The Academy’s polytunnels have only been built since June and already suffered minor damage soon after opening but this incident is far more serious.

Major holes can be seen from front to back in the polytunnels and there is no chance they will be ready for the new term starting next week.

Depute Head Alex Scott explained: “We were given a grant of £2,000 for these polytunnels and they form a big part of our green initiative project. The kids in the school had been really excited about the polytunnels before the summer and were coming up with ideas on how best to use them.

“To see this act of vandalism happen is simply unacceptable and extremely disappointing.

“But we must stress that this is two youths who have acted alone in this and the vast majority of kids will be keen to use them in a good way.”

The Academy have promoted green eco projects in a major way over the last few months and the polytunnels would have been used as outdoor classrooms with plans afoot to put tables and chairs in ahead of the new term.

However, Alex Scott said: “We will now have delays in what we wanted to do with the polytunnels due to the vandalism.

Guidance teacher Ellen Aitken added: “We had hoped to have a 10 week period learning outdoors in the tunnels but now that might have to be cut right back as you want to make good use of the better weather in August and September.

“The projects we have been doing have seen us reach out to the wider community in Girvan as well and you have to worry that this might have a knock-on effect around the town.”

Alex Scott agreed with his colleague’s opinion: “People who have given their time to our go green project might think twice about investing in us and in Girvan in the future due to this act of vandalism.”