Village shop allowed to serve hot food

A SOUTH Ayrshire planning appeals committee voted unanimously last week to uphold an appeal against a decision in May to refuse permission to the village shop in Barrhill to carry on with an eight-year-old hot food takeaway service.

We reported in the Gazette earlier this year that shop owners Mark and Michala Bradshaw discovered the takeaway service in the shop they had bought three years ago had never been granted planning permission.

When they applied for retrospective permission it was refused by the planning office at Ayr.

The Barrhill villagers then rallied and held a meeting with councillor John McDowall, pictured left, at the memorial hall, and it was decided to give the Bradshaw family full village support with their appeal.

This resulted in a petition containing no fewer than 286 signatures and more than 50 individual letters of support being submitted to the appeals committee last Tuesday.

And all those signatures helped to persuade the council to reverse the original decision.

Mark Bradshaw said: “We are glad that our business can now carry on as normal and would like to publicly thank all of the wonderful people who supported us.”

One happy villager commented: “It would have been devastating to our community if the shop had to close. It is such good news that common sense ultimately prevailed within the council system.”

Councillor John McDowall, pictured left, said: “I am pleased that this decision has now been overturned on appeal at a meeting of the Local Review Board on Tuesday.

“I have been delighted to work with Mark and Michala, the owners of the shop, and the people of Barrhill, in preparing and providing support for their appeal.

“It has been a major concern that if the shop could not continue to provide this service, there would have been a real threat to it’s continued operation and that this, in turn, would impact on the quality of life for people in the village.

“I am delighted that the shop can now continue to provide the excellent quality of service that it always has.”