Villagers gain defibrillator for Maidens

RBS Girvan manager Anne Taylor handing over the cheque to the fundraisers.
RBS Girvan manager Anne Taylor handing over the cheque to the fundraisers.

The village of Maidens now has 24/7 access to a life saving defibrillator thanks to the fundraising efforts of two residents in particular.

Lynn Reid and Linda Stroud took it upon themselves to raise the funding for a defibrillator which helps saves the lives of people in a cardiac arrest situation after attending a first aid refresher course in Maybole last year.

The money has now been raised and the defibrillator will be held at Wildings Hotel, Harbour Road on a 24/7 basis 50 weeks of the year, with the defibrillator being held at Malin Court over Christmas and New Year when Wildings is closed.

The pair decided to hold a coffee morning first of all in February, with Maidens Bowling club kindly donating their premises for the morning. With the aid of and donations from Maidens “T” club, just over £650 was raised.

In April, Linda and Lynn approached a large number of businesses in Girvan and the surrounding area asking for prizes for their bingo night on Friday April 24.

The pair were soon overwhelmed with donations with the Royal Bank of Scotland handing over a cheque for £185.83 with Girvan branch manager Anne Taylor stressing that the bank are very keen to support local community fundraising efforts and projects.

Before the bingo night Grants Distillery offered two bottles of their finest whisky for prizes as well as a £100 donation.

Maidens business Little K’s Kitchen also donated £100 thanks to money raised from the 5p plastic bag.

This actually the money needed for a defibrillator was raised before the bingo night, but that went ahead anyway and raised £440 which will help with replacement parts and servicing of the machine for some years.

If you require the use of the defibrillator simply head to Wildings where it is available for anyone and it is very easy to use. Once you have collected the defibrillator, take it to the casualty, open the box, turn it on and from then on the defibrillator talks to you and tells you exactly what to do in order to help the person who requires the machine.

Linda and Lynn would like thank the members of the Maidens “T” Club for allowing them to use their name to raise the money and for their help and donations with the coffee morning in February.

A big thank you from Linda and Lynn also goes to many others who helped behind the scenes at the coffee morning and at the bingo night.

The defibrillator is available to visitors to the area as well so it has been purchased just in time for the summer season.