Volunteers enjoy railway tour

A group of volunteers from Wigtownshire and Ayrshire enjoyed a fact finding tour of Scottish Railway Stations to see and hear about the work of other volunteers. The group are led by Louis Wall who won 3rd place in the national ACORP Awards in September last year under the category of “Best Railway Volunteer”.

They are responsible for the planting work done at stations in Stranraer, Barrhill, Girvan, Maybole, Ayr and Troon. They have recently added Newton on Ayr to the list where they have completed the construction of THREE new flower beds.

Leaving Stranraer Station on 1st March for the first stop, Kilmarnock, where they were shown round by Sheila McNulty and her husband who provide a good show of colour with their planters at Kilmarnock Station.

Then on to Wemyss Bay to meet Nancy Cameron who leads a team responsible for redevelopment of rooms at Wemyss Bay Station and cheering up the station with magnificent plant displays. Nancy and her volunteers have raised funds for the project through selling books. The project is well supported by the local community and has won 2 ACORP awards.

The team then made their next journey to Glenfinnan where they stayed the night in a converted Railway Carriage, waking up to the magnificent mountain view. After breakfast and a walk, for some, in the rain they enjoyed a tour around Glenfinnan Station with John Barnes who informed about the history of the volunteer work being done on the West Highland Line.

It was “au revoir” to Glenfinnan at 11am as most of the group hope to return again as tourists. On the return to Glasgow the team was able to enjoy the stunning views which have been enhanced by the Friends of the West Highland Line. The Friends have raised money and organised contractors to clear trees and shrubbery from the railway so that passengers can see more of the countryside.