Volunteers in battle to get harbour ready

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THERE was no Easter holiday break this year for the volunteer workers at Maidens Harbour as, braving freezing rain and hail, they battled on to clear the harbour channel in time for this year’s influx of boats.

Taking advantage of exceptionally low tides, they worked over the weekend continuing to widen of the basin inlet.

This was no easy task, as it involved the barge digging out the sand and clay and depositing it over to the side channel within reach of the digger.

This then scooped it up and loaded hundreds of tons of material into the dump trucks for depositing further back at the unused rear side of the Harbour.

Even this time-intensive, double handling task was not without its problems as one of the ageing dump truck radiators developed a leak at the start of the operation and called for some hasty dismantling and repair by the group of talented volunteers to get it back into service in time for the next low tide.

An early start on the Monday was curtailed when the digger threw a track at the end of the shift, so some more tender loving care is now called for to get it back in service.

Once this is done, the ongoing dredging work will continue with the widening of the basin and keeping the pontoon berths clear.

Boat owners and interested members of the public are welcome to attend the group’s annual meeting in Maidens Bowling Club on April 28 at 10.30am, when there will be an opportunity to discuss the recent SailWest feasibility survey proposals for the harbour.