Wayfarer Column- Humourous tales pass many of us by

In life there are some people who can see humour and interest in things that pass most of us by without noticing. Billy Connolly was one of these people who could see the humour in everyday events and in his early shows he passed these tales on in his own inimitable fashion.

However the following tales have nothing to do with Billy Connolly but I am sure he could have embellished them much to the amusement of his audience.

There is a tale of a sailor on the lighthouse supply ship out of Oban who was tossing old newspapers etc. overboard in a clearout when he discovered he had thrown his wage packet out along with the rest. The sailor immediately rushed up to the Captain to advise him of his dreadful mistake and the Captain, an understanding man, turned the boat around and with the crew hanging over the side searched for the distinctive green envelope. This was eventually spotted floating gently on the water and a boat was lowered to recover the errant pay packet which was returned to its owner.

This was in 1971 and the sailor’s wage amounted to £19, in today’s terms a relatively trivial sum but could you imagine a present day ship’s captain being so understanding and helpful as to turn his ship around to search for a missing pay packet! Perhaps I am becoming cynical but in the current world everything and everyone seems to be in a rush and we do not seem to have time to stop and help one another, more’s the pity.Before Walt Disney ever thought of creating Donald Duck there was a doctor in Mallaig who was born in 1925 with that name. Dr. Donald Duck was delighted with his name once pronouncing that he had so much fun with it that he would never consider changing it.

This of course was no doubt after Walt Disney had decided to popularize the name, but to add to the tale Dr. Duck’s father was a toy maker and when he exhibited his toys he had a sign which said ‘Painted by Donald Duck’ presumably his son helped out. This came to the attention of the lawyers of the Disney Corporation who took the matter up whereby Mr. Duck produced his son’s birth certificate proving that he had been born at least ten years before Walt Disney had ever thought of creating Donald Duck.

So the boot was on the other foot but I am sure Dr. Donald Duck would not like to take on the Disney Corporation as he was having so much fun with the name. Now I wonder if there was ever a Micky and Minnie Mouse alive somewhere? I hope to see you next week with more tales.