We Hae Meat celebrate deal with ASDA

We Hae Meat's Carlyn and Alex Paton
We Hae Meat's Carlyn and Alex Paton

The Patons at Cairnhill Farm near Old Dailly are celebrating once again after We Hae Meat secured a lucrative deal with ASDA.

Their business has been hailed as ‘revolutionary’ after launching a single pie range in 62 Asda stores across Scotland.

Husband and wife team Carlyn and Alex Paton have come up with a range of tasty new flavours including BBQ Pulled Pork, Balmoral Chicken, BBQ Pulled Beef and Chicken curry for their single portion pie range.

Carlyn Paton said: “Through the Single Portion Pie range, we’ve given the Scotch pie a contemporary makeover; using the kind of flavours and fillings that we – as a young modern family – would like to eat.

“As butchers who are relatively new to the industry, we are proud to look at product development with fresh eyes and pick what we think will give the very best result, whether that’s a recipe inspired by tradition or current trends.

“We’re hugely excited to bring our innovative pies and butcher shop roots to the convenience of the supermarket. Here’s to introducing a new wave of Scotch pie to the Scottish people!”