Flood alert issued for Ayrshire

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A flood alert has been issued for Ayrshire and Arran as strong winds and rfain set to bring disruption to the region.

The alert is for flooding from surface water, rivers and coasts.

On Friday, rain and snow melt will bring a risk of flooding due to surface water.

This may cause localised flooding of land and roads, and local disruption to travel. There are likely to be difficult driving conditions. Further rain and snowmelt is expected on Saturday, causing river levels to continue to rise. Impacts could continue into Sunday.

Strengthening winds on Friday will increase the risk of spray and wave overtopping along exposed coastlines around the times of high tide. This could cause localised flooding of land and roads and could affect properties in exposed coastal locations.

This risk of coastal flooding is expected to continue over the weekend, with the highest risk around high tide on Saturday afternoon, which at Troon occurs around 4.30pm.

Some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport are likely.